Main affect factors in classifying process of gold mining machine

We all know that the classifying process is very important in gold mining machinery's separating and it can get rid of the useless scrap material(such as big stones ,clays etc),then the plant can work in high efficient.Now let's check the main factors of effecting the work efficient of classying system of gold mining machinery.

1)The physical character of feeding material,such as the mian content,moisture,clay percentage and material's shape

2)The movment of screen(mainly used the trommel screen vibrating screen), it including the movement character,the length and width of screen,the screen mesh,the mesh hole etc.

3)The detail working conditions,such as working capacity and the feeding is well distributed or not.

Above 3 factors are directly influence to the work of the classifying gold mining machinery and if not work efficiently it can effect to get the gold concentrate.

mobile gold trommel car



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