30-50ton/hour mobile gold mining machinery

mobile gold trommel

mobile gold trommel

Brief introduction-Gold mining machinery
This small mobile gold mining machine is independently designed, researched and developed by us. It has become mobile advanced equipment through continuous improvement under customer good service, user feedbacks, return visits and other channels.
The mobile gold mining car can use a variety of small excavators, loaders and other feeding methods, suitable for the majority of gold ore, such as sand gold, rock gold tailings, etc.
Features-Gold mining machinery

1, the feeding method of this gold mining machine can use a small excavator or loader and other means of feeding.
2, This gold mining machine flexible and easy to use: the use of steering design can be turned 180 degrees.
3, This gold mining machine tires are all solid fork tires, wear-resistant and durable.
4, This gold mining machine the roller screen increases the number of internal reamer, an increase of about twice the material screening stroke, greatly increased the hinge washing, screening efficiency.
5, for the water supply system optimization:
The internal flushing of the hopper is responsible for the first flushing of the material and the pushing of the material into the drum screen;
The drum screen is responsible for the main flushing of the material;
Side of the drum screen flush responsible for washing of the external sieve drum fine screen, to prevent plugging holes.
6, a high degree of integration, the mobile gold car integrated hinge washing, screening function, water separator, and diesel generator in one, only the external water supply pipe can work properly.
7, the strong expansion: can be attached to the vibration chute / agitating chute, centrifuges and other equipments to improve the recovery rate.
Technical parameter-Gold mining machinery

Processing capacity

30-50 tons / hour

Feeding way

it is recommended to use small excavators

Power consumption




Water consumption


Generator: diesel generator


Wash screen

internal diameter of 1 meter, external diameter of 1.3 meters, net screen length of 1.5 meters


4 solid tires

Minimum turning radius

3.9 M