Work capacity 200-300tph mobile trommel centrifugal gold mining machinery

gold mining machinery


Mobile trommel screen centrifugal mining machine
Raw ore work capacity:200-300t/h
Materal below 6mm capacity:80-100t/h

Brief Introduction-Gold mining machinery
This set of Mobile trommel screen centrifugal mining machine,raw ore capacity 200-300ton/hour(Material≤6mm capacity 80-100ton/hour),high recovery with the mineral,this machine with new design and very low maintenance,the details:

1).Feeding system
Feed hopper with high pressure water swilling to ensure the well-distributed of mineral,

2).Screening system
The trommel screen with efficient chain driving design,uniform and high Kinetic energy transmit , effectively saving of power consumption;
The inner sieve is made by punching process, which contains multiple reamers covering the whole inside, which can fully wring and eluting the material, which greatly improves the screening efficiency.
The water supply system is using central water supply and side water supply, the central water supply directly flush and swill the material on bottom of roller, the side water supply is flushing and preventing the outer layer from being plugged.

3).Mining separating system
The mining system with horizontal automatic discharge centrifuge concentrator and fixed sluice guarantees long work life and recovery rate;
The centrifuge concentrator using horizontal automatic discharge type,the advantage comparing with traditional vertical type:

Horizontal centrifuge concentrator

Vertical centrifuge concentrator

The system

PLC conctrol

Handling control


Automatic discharge

Handling discharge

The shaft

Horizontal(shaft 2sides fixed)

Vertical(buttom sidefixting)


Long(working life)

Normal(working life)


No need seeking ground level

Need seeking ground level


Sand pump(easily control the feeding concentration

By gravity feeding(cann’t control the feeding concentration)


Above 90%


Application field

Good peformance in jolting surrounding such as mobile
mining equipment,dredger etc

Cann’t work in jolting surroundings.

Biggest capacity model

1200# or bigger capacity need  customized


4).Water supply system
The water supply system is integrated at bottom of feed hopper, divided into two parts: the water tank and the water separating machine,this set of machine can work efficiently only need operation of connecting the water pipe.

5).Moving system

The moving system is consisted of truck chasis and driving directions system,the chasis made of 30#double T steel,with high loading strength,4axles 16 tyre of 900-2#,4 mechanical legs more steady,can be 180 degree moving,easily driving by excavator or other movable tools to destination.

Technical process-Gold mining machinery
The raw material into feed hopper by excavator,then swilled by high pressure water into reamers trommel screen  and to be making the caly into mixture with water,the central water swilling and take the clay off, it to be classified into 2size>6mm and ≤6mm,the material >6mm into one fixed sluice to get nugget,the scrap get rid into the scrap pool;
The material ≤6mm into horizontal automatic centrifuge concentrator by one set 4inch sand pump which can control the concentration below 30% and also the 2nd washing to mineral efficiently,finally the concentrate automatic discharged and scrap getting rid into scrap pool.