New Shaking Gold Sluice Box/Portable Underflow Gold Sluice Box


Our new product shaking Sluice Box is our patented product,we are the first factory develope this peritaltic sluice machine.

Shaking sluice box is one of the most important equipment for gold mining,which mainly consist of the hooper,sieve plate,gold carpet ,peristaltic chute and electric motor.
Working principle : Due to its unique and innovative structure, the plate let the water flow formed numerous small vortex,and the chute has an acceleration of the peristaltic force toward the opposite direction of the water flow,completely overcomes the phenomenon of harden, virtually increasing mineral picking time, and gravel stripping time. To sum up two points, for the capillaries and flaky gold selection to create a good condition


Main Features
1)The length can adjust,higher recovery rate to particle gold,capillaries and flaky gold 
2) Can reach 40-80 tons per hour
3) Simple structure & reliable operation 
4) Simple structure & reliable operation & easy to control 
5)Less trouble & small energy consumption& small water consumption
 6) Motor controller system
7) Movable, and engage small area. suit for mobile gold wash plant

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