Drilling type jet suction dredger

drilling jet suction dredger

The work principle

The drilling type jet suction dredger are equipped with a drill pole, the suction tube and water jet tube are attached to the drill pole. During dredging,DSD vertical move down the drill pole and rotates its drill , until the drill head digs into the sand layer ofseabed, drill pole as a spud to lock the vessel into a stationary position. Then the water jet pump started, a high pressure water jet hits the sand layer to make high-tensity sand-water mixture,the dredged materials then sucked up and transported through a pipeline by dredge pump. The DSD will discharge the tailing to the disposal site via floating pipeline or hopper barges.

Working Conditions
Recommended use of the environment: with rock and gravel <50% (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports and other sand mining project)

1.The range of adaptation to the environment: the temperature no higher than 40 degrees Celsius in summer and winter temperatures not lower than -10 degrees Celsius,the air humidity is no more than 30%,wind power does not exceed 7 in  rivers.

2. River ore requirements: sand ratio is no less than 60% (clay content is no more than 10% scree content is no more than 15% gravel content is no more than 15% Wind Stone is no higher than 10%.)

3. The ship diesel engine should apply to the CIS countries grade use of fuel, oil.
4. The ship is equipped with night-time lighting system suitable for all weather conditions and working uninterrupted.
5. 2-3 persons operate the dredger every time.